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Referral is the best way to find your next super stars

Great talents do not open job boards. They do not scroll Linkedin with the hope of finding a new job. They don't have time for that. Great talents never look for work. Period. Work finds them. Talentwiz allows you to hunt these rare breeds through our network of freelancers.

45% of employees sourced from referrals and recommendation stay for 4+ years :)

Only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for 2+years :(

Looking for help with hiring? We are here to help.

We'll empower you to find the best candidates faster and also lower your hiring costs. Finding the right talent is hard. Filling a candidate pipeline as soon as possible is even more difficult. TalentWiz's on-demand hiring platform makes it easier for companies of all sizes to react in real-time to their talent demtnas, with flexible, scalable solutions.


You can post your vacancies and our Freelance Consultants (we call them the Talent Wizards) will deliver qualified candidates directly to you.

Consultant (Talent Wizard)

Be a part of our Talent Wizard's ecosystem and get paid to recommend your friends to work in top companies. Our mobile app allows you to make referrals in less than 30-seconds.

How it Works

1. Job Posting

Post your first job in seconds and set up the bounty rewards you’re willing to offer for the right candidate. Pay only if you hire them.

2. Referral

Our Talent Wizards refer your vacancies to their friends, colleagues, and family to ensure you get plenty of qualified candidates.

3. Mission Accomplished

Manage your referrals through our easy to use platform and convert your top talent leads into exciting hires. Recrooit ensures you an amazing candidate experience.

Learn how TalentWizard's on-demand solutions can help you hire quicker, cheaper, and more scalable.